Car Driving Simulator 3D

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Do you like sports cars and fast cars? Then “Car Driving Simulator 3D” game is for you! Here every player can get behind the wheel of one of the cool cars and start driving through the streets of a big city with many other cars. Realistic controls and great graphics will not let you get bored! Also, the game has energetic music that is great to cheer up while driving a sports car.

So, there are only 8 unique racing cars available for the game, but to unlock them you have to drive a certain mileage and collect the required amount of money. At the start of the game, there are only two cars that lend themselves to the spoiler tuning, body paint and choice of color of the smoke coming out of the tires. You can choose from 4 game modes: free mode, traffic mode, checkpoints and drift mode. Two city maps are available for the first 3 game modes, and only the port map is available for the drift mode. Choose any mode you like and start driving.

Drive at high speed in the city, use nitro for fast acceleration and enjoy driving your car. Try to earn more money and drive more circles around the city to get new cars faster. Everyone can choose their own driving style! Some people like to walk around the city quietly and calmly, following the basic rules of the road. And someone will go at full speed and jump on trampolines, disabling all vehicle control systems to quickly turn his car into a pile of scrap metal. There are tons of possibilities in the game, so get started playing fast!

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