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The story begins with a Shinigami named Ryuk dropping the Death Note to Earth.

Death Note fell into the garden of a school and saw a student named Light falling down. Go get the book. It is written on how it is used:

person who wrote this name will die , the writer of this book will not show the results unless the name and the face of the person are true, but the other persons bearing the same name are not affected by this. If the cause of death is not specified, it will only die from a heart attack, and after the cause of death is written, the details of the death should be written in 6 minutes and 40 seconds. “

Light can not dominate himself first, even if he does not believe it, and he writes the name of a terrorist he saw on TV. After 40 seconds, it is reported that the terrorist died as a last minute news. Light writes the name of the man who squeezed a woman in front of the house to detect reality. When that man dies, Light realizes that Death Note is real.

Lightbook wrote dozens of names in 5 days and killed people who were “bad” for themselves. On the 5th day of the evening, Shinigami, named Ryuk, enters the room of Light. Light thinks Ryuk will kill himself, Ryuk tells him he will not do anything. Because a death note falls into the human world, now it belongs to the man who found it. However, after the person who uses the Death Note is killed, neither heaven nor hell will go …

But when he creates his world of justice with Death Note, the world’s best detective “L” will follow him. All the hidden forces Rent known as Light in the world, and must hide from the police the identity should learn both L’s identity, because when found will be executed … In this case, who will die if he found some previously …

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