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Go-Tet is a real-time interactive multiplayer puzzle game. Your task is to compete with time and other players. In the game, you can use spells and earn points and levels to complete the ever-increasing square patterns. Although Go-Tet is a multiplayer game, it is equally interesting in single-player mode because it has an ancient Tetris style. If you don't complete it in the given time, then the game is lost. The current time counter is proportional to the current square pattern size. The game is won by the first player who grabs all tiles from the map.

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Skill, Puzzle, Number, Math, Kids, HTML5, Collecting, Brain, Boy, Block, Arcade, Android

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On mobile, tap, hold or move in the desired direction. Use the left wheel to glue or release tiles . Use the right wheel for other spells.

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123 clicks160
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2048 Legend clicks117
1024 Colorful clicks113
2048 Drop clicks113
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